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    Flying Buddie™

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    Is it a Drone
    Is it a Fidget Spinner❔
    Is it a Boomerang❔
    Is it a Frisbee❔
    It's 4 in 1, say what❔

    Flying Buddie™ is a mini drone without a remote.Tricks are simple to master, and getting started just takes a few seconds.Simply use it as a boomerang to play by yourself or throw it across football fields with your buddies.

    Play Anywhere

    Tricks and games are simple to learn and master. You'll be surprised at how much you can achieve after a few throws.Don't be worried if you drop it. This is extremely durable and can handle high drops.

    Brighten Up Your Life

    Built-in LED lights illuminate the Flying Buddie™ as it flies through the air.

    These lights are stunning On camera and in person. Transform your Flying Buddie™ into an aerial UFO!

    How Does This Fly?

    Starting off with Flying Buddie™ is simple. it appears to be magic, all you have to do is spin it up and toss it!
    It has a powerful internal motor that allows it to fly in the air.
    Your Flying Buddie™ can fly in different directions and do acrobatics if you alter the speed and angle at which you throw it.

    1. Shake to Start: To start Flying Buddie™, press the power button, hold down the center axis, and shake the wheel.

    2. Toss it: Throw your Flying Buddie™ into the air to begin flying; after a few practice tosses, you'll be performing cool feats in no time!

    3. Grab to stop: Simply grab Flying Buddie™ to stop the spinning if you want to stop playing.
    It's quick and secure. While spinning, your hands are protected by the enclosed wheel design.

    Seamless Return & Replacement

    Technical Specifications

    LED Light
    Synthetic cover with nonskid coating
    Control chip
    Lithium battery 180mAh
    Battery Capacity: 100mAh
    Dimensions: 11x10x5.2 cm 
    Gross Weight: 60g
    Charging Time: 20-25 minutes
    Working Time: 6-10 minutes

      What's in your package?

      A Flying Buddie™
      A USB Cable
      An Instruction Manual

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