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    Significance Of Plantation

    Significance Of Plantation

    “He who plants a tree plants a hope.”

    All of us are very well known about the significance of planting trees and plants. They are the biggest life saviors for us in the present era. The environmental conditions in which we are living are becoming worse day by day. Earth temperature is rising swiftly. Pollution is spreading everywhere. We don’t have pure water to drink, no fresh air to inhale and even no hygienic food to eat. It’s just like we are living in a dirty and polluted chamber where there is no quality water, food, and air available. All these issues are becoming viral and taking our lives so quietly.

    How to avoid the environmental challenges??

    So the question is how we can avoid these environmental and health challenges??? The simplest and the easiest way to avoid these challenges are to grow plants and trees. They have the solutions to your all issues regarding the environment and health. They purify the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and other toxic pollutants from the air and by releasing oxygen. By absorbing the chemicals from the soil they are providing us pure water to drink. They give us fresh and hygienic food to eat, provide us shed from dangerous ultraviolet rays and the burning heat of the sun. Consequently, they give us “LIFE”.

    World Plantation day 21st March:

    It is a matter of fact that we are pretending to be still unaware yet knowing everything. The World plantation day on 21st March is celebrated for people like us who are still illiterate yet knowing the significance of plantation. The purpose of this day is to wake up the people and to make them realize, how important the trees and plants in our lives are. The day is celebrated worldwide and different organizations and media arrange different plantation awareness programs. Activities are arranged like concerts, essay writing competitions at schools and colleges: clean-up campaigns, recycling, and many other relating this day. The result of celebrating this day is that the plantation activity has become one of the most occurring activities.

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